The fun is in the journey

To those that already know me, I work in the City of London.  It’s a well paid, but challenging role that sometimes makes me question whether my life is going in the direction I want it, or rather whether I have any control over where it is heading.

I work hard, and I am well recompensed.  However, I’m not fully satisfied and have a deep yearning to do more with my life and to savour new experiences.  I read somewhere fairly recently that you should always make an effort to get out of your comfort zone, and to continue to push the boundaries.  This certainly got me thinking and assessing my own life, my ambitions and my successes and failures in my relatively short life to date.

I’ve always had ambitions to travel, but never did.  As I approach my 30th birthday I feel somewhat disappointed in what I have achieved to date.  Not so much from a professional viewpoint, as I am after all well-educated and have been fortunate enough to secure what many friends consider to be a successful career.  More that I feel that I haven’t really lived and experienced much.  I think I’m going to do something about this.  Life is too short, and needs to be lived.  Carpe diem.



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