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Nothing ventured nothing gained?

I’d had a great idea whilst on my travels in Japan.  Whilst there I’d attended a couple of major conferences and exhibitions, and I was blown away at the vastness of these.  I returned from Japan with a simple thought.  Why not launch your own exhibition, similar to the trade shows I had experienced in Japan?

As you well know, I’ve worked as an analyst in a  mid-tier bank for a number of years now.  Part of my remit was to analyse the performance of businesses within the Entertainment sector, with a particular focus on the emerging e-gaming market.  My time with the bank had coincided with a growth in the internet, and a number of new online gambing companies had established themesleves off the back of this new medium.  It was a sector that certainly interested me and one which I had become very knowledgable in.

Technlogy is a wonderful thing, and the online gambling sector was one that was proving to be particularly interesting.  Traditional bookmakers, some of whom had been established for over a century were beginning to struggle against new internet based gambling business.  The new entrents to this market were dynamic, aggressive, willing to take risks and able to move into new online markets quickly and easilly.  My impression was that there was a danger that they may well leace the traditional ‘brick and mortar’ gambling operators in their wake.  And then, out of no where came the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which literally shut down the largest and most profitable online gambling market overnight.  This was back in 2006, and upon my return from Japan, I was keen to see how this sector was now fairing.

My initial research was somewhat inconclusive.  Whilst the US market was still effectively closed to gambling operators, the position within Europe was much less clear.  Certain countries had attempted to address the issue of online gambling, and proceeded in attempting to regulate and manage this ever expanding sector.  I couldn’t ascertain whether these attempts had been successful, but it was clear that there was a common theme.  That theme, was that it was increasingly difficult to attempt to regulate an industry that was based on the internet and could seamlessly cross international boundaries and jurisdictions.  What became clear to me was that different countries had very different laws regarding their citizens and access to the the various online roulette casino games currently being served to them by off-shore e-gaming operators.  It clearly looked to be that a united and unfied approach to regulation appeared to be required.

Despite the legal and regulatory challenges facing the global online gambling sector I decided to look a little more into whether there were any exhibitors servicing this market.  I was excited that I may well find a gap in the market in a new and expanding trade sector.  However, I was disappointed to learn that this sector had already been identfied by a major exhibition operator and that any opportunities here were therefore somewhat limited.  Nevertheless, I shall continue in search of a new idea or concept.  Check back to see what thoughts I have come up with.

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