All About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog here at  My name is Christopher Simpson and I’m currently 29 years old and live in London.  By day I’m a equity analyst for a mid-tier bank in the City of London.  I live by the moto of ‘work hard, play hard’, and whilst I cannot say I enjoy my work, I do very much enjoy the life style that working in the City provides me.

My blog here at has a couple of objectives.  Firstly, to document my life as I drift into my thirties.  I’ve never been much of a writer to date, and I think that is a real shame, and this site hopes to rectify that issue.  Hopefully the stories I bring and the experiences I convey here at will be both interesting and amusing.  Secondly, I hope that my posts here will help me address certain challenges and issues in my own life, and help me work towards the balance I am looking for.

I hope you enjoy the site, and if you have any comments or would simply like to get in contact with me, then I’d be delighted to hear from you.  Information on how to get in touch can be found in this section of our website – click here for further details.